My mom sends me Marine Corps pictures and stuff like that and almost everytime I’ve already seen it on Tumblr but I don’t have the heart to tell her so I just act like I’ve never seen it.

This is a great song.

Miracle over Arlington.

This rainbow formed over Arlington cemetery on Aug 26, 2011…the day 13 SEALs were laid to rest from the Aug 6th Chinook helicopter tragedy. Three additional heroes from the Air Force and Army who also gave their lives that fateful day were laid to rest before and after the SEAL ceremony.

Not one drop of rain had fallen that day. It was a clear sky rainbow. Miracle? We believe in miracles…

Can’t forgive. Won’t forget.

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A U.S. Army soldier fires on simulated enemy postions during a training mission. 

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U.S. Army soldiers halt while on a patrol during a training mission in Africa. 

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