MARSOC Short card and then a 3 mile run. Never again. It’s even hard to type. Am I dead? I think I’m dead.

My mom sends me Marine Corps pictures and stuff like that and almost everytime I’ve already seen it on Tumblr but I don’t have the heart to tell her so I just act like I’ve never seen it.

"Are you an American?" "Damn right I am"

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This is a great song.

A United States Marine

His emotions are impenetrable yet his shoulders are soft for those that need someone to lean on, his hands are firm yet know exactly where they need to be. If he has his arms around you, you’re either in the last moments of your life or the safest place you could ever be.

He’s stubborn but will let you have your way just to see you smile. He’s deadly with a rifle an gentle with a child. He plays poker with the devil but guards the gates of Heaven. He curses like no other but is the perfect gentleman. He has a thousand yard stare but when you look into his eyes it’s the most comforting thing you’ve ever felt. The Marine Corps trained him as a weapon but raises him as a lover.

He knows every part of an M16 just as he knows every curve of his woman. There is no other man like him. Whether you love him or hate him both are a privilege. He could be your worst nightmare or your sweetest dream. He is a United States Marine.

A man is driving down the road and breaks down near a U.S. Marine Corps base. He goes to the front gate, and says to the sentry, “My car broke down. Do you think I could stay the night?”

To his surprise, the Marines accept him enthusiastically. They feed him at the officer’s club, they fix his car at the motor pool, and they even allow him to sleep in the VIP quarters.

But, as the man tries to fall asleep that night, he hears a strange sound. All through the night, he hears this sound.

The next morning, he asks the Marines what the sound was, but they say, “We can’t tell you. You’re not a Marine.”

The man is disappointed but thanks them anyway and goes about his merry way.

Some years later, the same man breaks down in front of the same Marine Corps base. Again the Marines accept him enthusiastically, fix his car, and allows him to stay in the VIP quarters. That night, he hears the exact same strange noise that he had heard years earlier.

The next morning, he asks what it is, but the Marines reply, “We can’t tell you. You’re not a Marine.”

The man says, “All right, all right. I’m *dying* to know. If the only way I can find out what that sound was is to become a Marine, how do I become one?”

The Marines reply, “You must go to Paris Island, there to undergo several weeks of torturous behavior. You will be yelled at, put down, cut down, and physically exhausted. From there you will go on to receive infantry training. You will learn how to fight, fight to survive, and fight to win. You will learn how to act the Corps, breath the Corps, eat the Corps, sleep the Corps, be the Corps. When you finish these trials, you will be a Marine.”

The man sets about his task. He goes through boot camp, advanced infantry training, and is assigned to an MEU. While part of the MEU he is sent to fight in two small wars, and three “police actions.”

Three years later, while on leave, he returns to the Marine Corps base where he last heard that strange, strange sound. Standing there in his dress uniform, he says, “I have joined the Corps, and I have paid my dues. I have fought for the love of God, Country, and the Corps.

The Marines reply, “Congratulations. You are now a Marine. We shall now show you the way to the sound.”

The Marines lead the man to a wooden door, where the Base Commander says, “The sound is right behind that door.”

The man reaches for the knob, but the door is locked. He says, “Real funny. may I have the key?”

The Base Commander give him the key, and he opens the door. Behind the wooden door is another door made of stone. The man demands the key to the stone door.

The Commander give him the key, and he opens it, only to find a door made of ruby. He demands another key from the Commander, who provides it. Behind that door is *another* door, this one made of sapphire. So it went until the man had gone through doors of emerald, silver, topaz, amethyst…

Finally, the Commander says, “This is the last key to the last door.”

The man is relieved to no end. He unlocks the door, turns the knob, and behind that door he is amazed to find the source of that strange sound.

But I can’t tell you what it is because you’re not a Marine

Hell yeah hahah


R.I.P. Marine Sgt. Julian Arechaga he was from Oceanside, New York. He died October 9th 2006. His humvee drove over an IED in Iraq, he was 23 years old. He sat in the passenger seat (the most dangerous place to sit in a humvee) deliberately so his Marine brothers won’t have to. This was also his third tour of duty, he reenlisted because his fellow Marines were being deployed, and he didn’t want them to go alone, so he went too.

I’ll never forget the night when two Marines knocked on his sister’s (my neighbor’s) door that night to notify her of her brother’s death. Even though I only saw him once or twice, he will be an inspiration to me throughout life, because he is a perfect example of a hero. Its because of people like him that we still have tumblr to spend countless hours on. Thank you to all members of the armed forces who died protecting our freedom and fought back against evil people, and standing up for those who don’t have their voices heard in the Middle East. Thank you to those who continue to sacrifice their time with their families and friends to go overseas serve our country.

Can’t wait to become a Marine after I graduate high school. 

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